Handmade Greeting Cards, Centerpieces

Today, I wanted to celebrate fall and the change of seasons.

I love the mini pumpkins and their orange-y, brownish loveliness.

I enjoy the little burgundy-reddishness of the leaves in the trees.

And it never hurts to enjoy the golden North Carolina sweet potatoes, and the crunched-y, crunchiness of the those high-dollar honey crisp apples that come out this time of year.

The handmade, 3D greeting card featured above is the first homemade card I’ve created over the last few weeks. When I made the little polymer clay shapes featured on it (the ones with the lovely brown, white, beige, orange, and green fall-colored tones), I didn’t really know what I was making them for or how I would use them.

I don’t even know what I’m making until I know that I’m finished. There is a simplicity and a beauty in the discovery and in the process of giving birth to a handmade, unique, and distinct greeting card.

Nothing gives me greater joy than when I am writing and creating; it’s what I was born to do. The beauty of a greeting card goes beyond artwork, or owning a business, or having a lil’ hobby. It’s a reflection of beauty, of art, of hope, and of myself.~Jaimee Z. Canty