Handmade Greeting Cards: Compilation Photo Album & Picture Book now available on Amazon!

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The image featured is a greeting card on the cover of the new book: Handmade Greeting Cards.

Handmade greeting cards are the focus of my recently completed book on Amazon print & Amazon Kindle (it’s a 5-part e-book series on Kindle) featuring 168 photos of greeting cards, centerpieces, and artwork created with love and joy over the last 12 years! The book is entitled: Handmade Greeting Cards: A Picture Book of Cards & Centerpieces for the Birthday, Holiday, and Every Day! This latest book is a compilation photo album. It was truly a joyous blast from the past to compile old photos of handmade greeting cards, centerpieces, and canvas-based artwork that I’ve made over the years.

Handmade greeting cards are a passion of mine, and most of my cards feature a plush toy, stuffed animal, and unique art designs. My inspiration in creating cards and centerpieces originated from a desire to give my grandmothers unique gifts, instead of towels or bedroom shoes. And this picture book contains photos of cards and centerpieces I’ve given them and of more recent cards for sale in my Etsy store. I invite you to share in this anniversary album with me, and I wish you Greeting Card Joy!

-Jaimee Z. Canty/Founder of Greeting Card Joy

Main Website: http://www.handmadegreetingcards.org

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Sunshine Easter Bunny trinket box from Greeting Card Joy

Jaimee Canty, Greeting Card Joy owner/greeting card artist

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This is a handmade Easter bunny trinket box by Jaimee Canty, owner of Greeting Card Joy. Click to order on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/GreetingCardJoy

Introducing the new handmade trinket box from Greeting Card Joy. This little yellow Easter bunny is a lovely shade of bright, sunny yellow, and it’s the perfect gift for that special person in your life. It’s painted a lovely bluish-green color and it could be used to hold jewelry, or other small items of your choosing. Miniature flowers, little plastic donuts, and little butterflies add to the decorative feel, and this box is painted with a glossy-glittered paint that makes it sparkle! It’s one of many lovely items available from Greeting Card Joy, http://www.greetingcardjoy.com!

You can also find other handmade centerpieces, 3D greeting cards, and plush toy gifts on GreetingCardJoy on Etsy. Just click on this link: www.etsy.com/shop/greetingcardjoy