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Writing is a passion of mine as well!

As of January 2021, my latest book:  Handmade Greeting Cards: Picture Book of Plush Toy & Stuffed Animal Cards & Centerpieces for the Birthday, Holiday & Every Day! is now Available on Amazon!!!

Jaimee Z. Canty is the author of:

  1. “The Making of Jaimee’s Hand-Designed Greeting Cards,”
  2. “Creatively Speaking: How to Communicate Through Art,”
  3. “Thinking Outside the Paintbrush,”
  4. “A Cup of Creativity and a Spoonful of Artistry,”
  5. “Envelop Them With Joy: Bear Bunny Beauty,”
  6. “From Half Moons to Circles: The Sweetness of Sour Experiences,”
  7. “The Breath of Power.”
  8. “Handmade Greeting Cards.”

All 8 books by Jaimee Z. Canty are available on Amazon.

Each book is short, easy to read, and filled with joy & inspiration!

Click Here to go to Amazon, where the books are sold: Amazon

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