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Sharing Red and Blue and Cute-ness from Greeting Card Joy


Happy Monday! It’s another day of blessings and sunshine here in southeastern North Carolina!

It’s a really just a day of rest for me after working my 3 in-a-row 12 hour shifts, (a big hello to my fellow healthcare and hospital workers out there in WordPress land) but I wanted to share this trinket box that I painted and decorated about two weeks ago. It’s got a little stuffed panda bear, hearts, clay peppermints, ceramic mushrooms, a little well, and a red puff faces that make it that much more adorable.

I went over this one a few times with blue paint and then with the metallic-brown paint, but it came out great. I always loved the sheer glitter texture of things, and I’ve been using the gold/silver/purple glitter acrylic sheer paints a lot lately. The sparkling effect just makes my artwork that much more fun and enjoyable.

Mom saw this and immediately wanted to keep it for herself, so that’s who has this now, but it was soooo much fun to create this!

Until the next time.

Jaimee Z. Canty, owner/founder of Greeting Card Joy

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Enjoying a Red Furry Friendable Centerpiece from Greeting Card Joy

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It’s a bright and cheery day here in Southeastern North Carolina, so I thought I’d share some red and yellow sunshiny brightness with everyone else!

Featured above is what I call a “Furry Friendable;” These handmade delights are perfect as a gift for any event or life occasion. Or, you could just enjoy it for yourself. They can sit on your desk, dresser, and or other flat surface.  I started making this line of handmade centerpieces about a year ago, and this one is for sale on my Etsy site now.

Here in my home, I have little accents of red/burgundy in some rooms. In other rooms, I chose accents of that lovely blue-green-sea turquoise-y blue. Last year, I even had the feature wall in my living room painted in blue, and it’s the perfect complement to the brown-y/tan-ish earth tones in the room.

Little specks of color here and there give the room some pop and some fun. I’m getting ready to re-paint a plain wooden box I just found at Large Mart in another shade of blue; I’ll either add it as an accent piece or give it as a gift. I will put up pictures next time I post so that you can see what I came up with.

Until the next time..

Jaimee Z. Canty, founder/artist of Greeting Card

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Purple Pink Furry Friendable ‘Hugs’ Trinket Box from Greeting Card Joy


Hello all!

This little pink and purple delight is a trinket box I just made the other day. It features a heart-shaped hot-pink softie puff, purple puffs, hand-painted lettering, beads, faux jewels and all kinds of purple-pink amazing-ness!

It’s a little trinket box, but the truth is, it’s going to hold chocolate and butterscotch candies, because that’s what my grandmother likes, and this is one of her Mother’s Day gifts. I’m also giving her a handmade centerpiece, and a few dollars wrapped in this special ribbon I know she likes.

I used two different shades of purple metallic paint on this, and one shade of regular watercolor paint for the bottom and the inside of the box. I’ve been taking this time to re-purpose some older decorations in my home, and I decided to make this wooden little box into something fun while I was at it.

Until the next time.

Jaimee Z. Canty, owner/artist

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Updating the Handmade, Bunny Purr Centerpieces~Greeting Card Joy


Good day to all!

This lively burst of color and creativity is from the line of handmade centerpieces I created last year called Bunny Purrs. As the founder and artist of greeting cards & centerpieces at Greeting Card Joy (formerly named Jaimee’s Hand-Designed Greeting Cards), I sometimes update older centerpieces.

On this one, I added more flowers, more fun, and more joy. I’m not a trained artist, and these handmade centerpieces merged out of my love of sewing, making cards, and re-purposing items in a unique way. A lot of items I make centerpieces from are non-traditional items; I’ve used seashells, button covers, faux coins, and alot more to make these featured centerpieces.

Once it is completed, you’d never guess it though! It just works. The centerpiece shown above is a Mother’s Day gift for my grandmother. She’s kept everything I’ve made for her over the past 15 years! Until the next time.

Jaimee Canty, owner/artist of Greeting Card Joy

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More Joyous Centerpieces from Greeting Card

Furry Friendables from Greeting Card Joy. Visit online at Shop on Etsy:


Hello all! I wanted to share some brightness and add some joy to your day by sharing two of my furry friendables. A furry friendable is the name I’ve given my newest creations at Greeting Card Joy. Furry friendables are plushie (usually teddy bears, or stuffed bunny rabbit toys) toys that I use to create a one of a kind piece of art. These are just to enjoy and look at and smile at, and they make a great and personal gift.

I started out by making handmade, 3D greeting cards, and artwork for my own walls at home, but I’ve since ventured into these cute little centerpieces. I bought a Baby Lock Anna sewing machine about 9 years ago. At the time, I had just completed a sewing class  in southeastern North Carolina. I loved it!

Most of my own skirts I make at home, and it gives me the chance to make unique centerpieces and artwork.  I can use any fabric I want and create what I want in my own way. So, I applied the same thought processes to furry friendables. These fluffy buddies are artwork, conversation starters, and centerpieces to sit on your desk or nightstand!  I’ve used everything from glitter paint, to rocks, to a faux cupcake to make these two fun, and I love the result. The two brown ceramic mini cups are my pottery makings from about two years ago when I took a class. Until next time.

Jaimee Z. Canty/owner & artist of Greeting Card

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An Ode to National Handmade Day from Greeting Card Joy

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I realize National Handmade Day was technically on April 7th, but there’s no such thing as too late to honor a day that recognizes what I do.

The greeting card featured above is a 3D, handmade greeting card featuring a plushie pink heart, little purple puffs, miniature donuts, and polymer clay flowers. I gave the bear a little puff double-row of pink and purple ‘hair,’ to add to the charm. Butterflies just represent the beauty of life and the transformation of things for me, so I put one in almost everything I create.

This greeting card is blank inside with checkerboard-like black and white paper, so it’s great for Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, or for any occasion. I prefer to make cards that can be given or received for any and all events, celebrations, or just because, so I don’t make them for a specific holiday or life event.

This amazing greeting card is available on Etsy in my store:

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Until next time…keep creating!

~ Jaimee Canty



Introducing the Furry Friendable Color Duckie from Greeting Card Joy


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Hello WordPress-ers!

This is a new colorful, handmade, and hand-sewn centerpiece from Greeting Card Joy. It’s another newbie available for gift seekers, or for someone simply wanting a little plush toy/stuffed animal friend to brighten their desktop or tabletop.

I’ve been making 3D greeting cards and centerpieces for about 13 years. Originally, these were gifts for my grandmothers or other family members, but I’ve since sold them on Etsy and at local craft shows. It’s my norm to take normal items and to create artwork out of them.

This centerpiece is available for sale now in my Etsy store at:

Have fun!

Greeting Card Joy, Jaimee Canty, owner & artist

Sunshine Easter Bunny trinket box from Greeting Card Joy

Jaimee Canty, Greeting Card Joy owner/greeting card artist

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This is a handmade Easter bunny trinket box by Jaimee Canty, owner of Greeting Card Joy. Click to order on Etsy:

Introducing the new handmade trinket box from Greeting Card Joy. This little yellow Easter bunny is a lovely shade of bright, sunny yellow, and it’s the perfect gift for that special person in your life. It’s painted a lovely bluish-green color and it could be used to hold jewelry, or other small items of your choosing. Miniature flowers, little plastic donuts, and little butterflies add to the decorative feel, and this box is painted with a glossy-glittered paint that makes it sparkle! It’s one of many lovely items available from Greeting Card Joy,!

You can also find other handmade centerpieces, 3D greeting cards, and plush toy gifts on GreetingCardJoy on Etsy. Just click on this link:

Introducing Fluffy Friendables

Welcome to Greeting Card Joy, an online store selling handmade greeting cards and centerpieces!

Featured above is a new line I just created called “Fluffy Friendables,” which are little handmade soft, flurry friends to sit on your desk, nightstand, or on any flat surface. They are perfect as a unique gift for any occasion or just to enjoy for yourself as a plushie friend to look at and enjoy.

Fluffy friendables are the evolution and mixture of my love for designing, sewing, painting, and creating unique artwork. It’s an adventure to make something new every day, and it’s my policy to never create the same thing twice. I actually don’t even know what I’m going to make, but I do know when I’m finished making it. It’s like I have something to say visually, and I innately know when I’ve said it.

Join me in congratulating and welcoming these new little softie creatures to the world!

Greeting Card Joy is the brainchild of Jaimee Z. Canty. Visit online at http://www.greetingcardjoycom!

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