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Handmade Christmas centerpiece by Jaimee Canty, owner of Greeting Card Joy.
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Handmade centerpiece for my grandmother’s 92 birthday. Find more online,
Handmade birthday cupcake centerpiece. Find more online at Greeting Card Joy’s online store.

Celebrating World Photo Day

It’s time for all photographers to rejoice: were are fast approaching World Photo Day on Monday, August 19, 2019!

As for me, it all started about two years ago as I began to think more seriously about taking better quality pics for my online site, Jaimee’s Plush Toy Greeting Cards (

I soon found a distinct joy in going to local parks, beaches, and natural-scenery type areas and getting shots as nature simply played its course. Over the past 18 months, I’ve acquired lovely hilltop, mountain, bird, and ocean photos in everyplace I’ve visited, ranging from my home state of North Carolina, to Kentucky, to Washington, DC.

On a recent greeting card I gave to my 91-year-old grandmother, Ethel Canty, I carefully placed photos I had taken of her (she’s in the blue dress) and some fellow church members on Easter Sunday 2019. It was the perfect idea to share some recent photos with her, and to give her one of my handmade plush toy centerpieces all in one gift!

This is the handmade, plush toy greeting card below!


~ Jaimee Z. Canty, owner/founder, Jaimee’s Plush Toy Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards & Nature’s Naturals


The beauty of nature is awesome.

About a year ago, I decided to buy a camera for my Etsy shop. My sales have remained about the same, but I was surprised to find out how much I enjoy taking pictures! After months of searching, I went with Nikon, and a few do-it-yourself videos online later, I’ve learned how to use it.

The picture above is from Ft. Fisher, an historic area here in Wilmington, NC. The brilliance of the sun captures the glassiness of the water, and the sea grass stands proudly before the rocks.

The foam of the sea tells its own story of power, splendor, and simple elegance.

~Jaimee Canty,


Handmade Greeting Cards, Centerpieces

Today, I wanted to celebrate fall and the change of seasons.

I love the mini pumpkins and their orange-y, brownish loveliness.

I enjoy the little burgundy-reddishness of the leaves in the trees.

And it never hurts to enjoy the golden North Carolina sweet potatoes, and the crunched-y, crunchiness of the those high-dollar honey crisp apples that come out this time of year.

The handmade, 3D greeting card featured above is the first homemade card I’ve created over the last few weeks. When I made the little polymer clay shapes featured on it (the ones with the lovely brown, white, beige, orange, and green fall-colored tones), I didn’t really know what I was making them for or how I would use them.

I don’t even know what I’m making until I know that I’m finished. There is a simplicity and a beauty in the discovery and in the process of giving birth to a handmade, unique, and distinct greeting card.

Nothing gives me greater joy than when I am writing and creating; it’s what I was born to do. The beauty of a greeting card goes beyond artwork, or owning a business, or having a lil’ hobby. It’s a reflection of beauty, of art, of hope, and of myself.~Jaimee Z. Canty

Say Happy Birthday to Handmade Cards!


This oil painting is entitled: “Jaimee’s Custom Colors.”
I created this piece about 12 years ago, and it hangs above the piano in my living room today!

Listening to your first visceral, gut, inner, and deep down instinct is key!

When I created the canvas-based oil painting featured above, I remember throwing the paint brush aside, because it wouldn’t allow me to make the swirl patterns I wanted.

You see, I create art in my way, on my terms, and for my own fun! And you can do the same. Where is the fun, or the wonder, or the surprise in giving yet another super-store/pre-processed/pre-packaged gift???

That friend is unique. That co-worker holds a special place in your work life. That family member’s spirit brings you joy. So why give them another birthday card that speaks to none of those qualities???

Send a handmade birthday card with a happy face, happy colors, and a happy message!

Homemade greeting cards allow you to say ‘happy birthday’ in a meaningful way.