Sharing Red and Blue and Cute-ness from Greeting Card Joy


Happy Monday! It’s another day of blessings and sunshine here in southeastern North Carolina!

It’s a really just a day of rest for me after working my 3 in-a-row 12 hour shifts, (a big hello to my fellow healthcare and hospital workers out there in WordPress land) but I wanted to share this trinket box that I painted and decorated about two weeks ago. It’s got a little stuffed panda bear, hearts, clay peppermints, ceramic mushrooms, a little well, and a red puff faces that make it that much more adorable.

I went over this one a few times with blue paint and then with the metallic-brown paint, but it came out great. I always loved the sheer glitter texture of things, and I’ve been using the gold/silver/purple glitter acrylic sheer paints a lot lately. The sparkling effect just makes my artwork that much more fun and enjoyable.

Mom saw this and immediately wanted to keep it for herself, so that’s who has this now, but it was soooo much fun to create this!

Until the next time.

Jaimee Z. Canty, owner/founder of Greeting Card Joy

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