Purple Pink Furry Friendable ‘Hugs’ Trinket Box from Greeting Card Joy


Hello all!

This little pink and purple delight is a trinket box I just made the other day. It features a heart-shaped hot-pink softie puff, purple puffs, hand-painted lettering, beads, faux jewels and all kinds of purple-pink amazing-ness!

It’s a little trinket box, but the truth is, it’s going to hold chocolate and butterscotch candies, because that’s what my grandmother likes, and this is one of her Mother’s Day gifts. I’m also giving her a handmade centerpiece, and a few dollars wrapped in this special ribbon I know she likes.

I used two different shades of purple metallic paint on this, and one shade of regular watercolor paint for the bottom and the inside of the box. I’ve been taking this time to re-purpose some older decorations in my home, and I decided to make this wooden little box into something fun while I was at it.

Until the next time.

Jaimee Z. Canty, owner/artist

Greeting Card Joy (the home of handmade greeting cards & centerpieces)

http://www.greetingcardjoy.com ~ Shop on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/GreetingCardJoy


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