Updating the Handmade, Bunny Purr Centerpieces~Greeting Card Joy


Good day to all!

This lively burst of color and creativity is from the line of handmade centerpieces I created last year called Bunny Purrs. As the founder and artist of greeting cards & centerpieces at Greeting Card Joy (formerly named Jaimee’s Hand-Designed Greeting Cards), I sometimes update older centerpieces.

On this one, I added more flowers, more fun, and more joy. I’m not a trained artist, and these handmade centerpieces merged out of my love of sewing, making cards, and re-purposing items in a unique way. A lot of items I make centerpieces from are non-traditional items; I’ve used seashells, button covers, faux coins, and alot more to make these featured centerpieces.

Once it is completed, you’d never guess it though! It just works. The centerpiece shown above is a Mother’s Day gift for my grandmother. She’s kept everything I’ve made for her over the past 15 years! Until the next time.

Jaimee Canty, owner/artist of Greeting Card Joy


Shop online: www.etsy.com/shop/GreetingCardJoy

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