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Hello all! I wanted to share some brightness and add some joy to your day by sharing two of my furry friendables. A furry friendable is the name I’ve given my newest creations at Greeting Card Joy. Furry friendables are plushie (usually teddy bears, or stuffed bunny rabbit toys) toys that I use to create a one of a kind piece of art. These are just to enjoy and look at and smile at, and they make a great and personal gift.

I started out by making handmade, 3D greeting cards, and artwork for my own walls at home, but I’ve since ventured into these cute little centerpieces. I bought a Baby Lock Anna sewing machine about 9 years ago. At the time, I had just completed a sewing class  in southeastern North Carolina. I loved it!

Most of my own skirts I make at home, and it gives me the chance to make unique centerpieces and artwork.  I can use any fabric I want and create what I want in my own way. So, I applied the same thought processes to furry friendables. These fluffy buddies are artwork, conversation starters, and centerpieces to sit on your desk or nightstand!  I’ve used everything from glitter paint, to rocks, to a faux cupcake to make these two fun, and I love the result. The two brown ceramic mini cups are my pottery makings from about two years ago when I took a class. Until next time.

Jaimee Z. Canty/owner & artist of Greeting Card

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