An Ode to National Handmade Day from Greeting Card Joy

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I realize National Handmade Day was technically on April 7th, but there’s no such thing as too late to honor a day that recognizes what I do.

The greeting card featured above is a 3D, handmade greeting card featuring a plushie pink heart, little purple puffs, miniature donuts, and polymer clay flowers. I gave the bear a little puff double-row of pink and purple ‘hair,’ to add to the charm. Butterflies just represent the beauty of life and the transformation of things for me, so I put one in almost everything I create.

This greeting card is blank inside with checkerboard-like black and white paper, so it’s great for Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, or for any occasion. I prefer to make cards that can be given or received for any and all events, celebrations, or just because, so I don’t make them for a specific holiday or life event.

This amazing greeting card is available on Etsy in my store:

Greeting Card Joy creates handmade greeting cards/centerpieces, Jaimee Canty, owner/artist. Visit online at:

Until next time…keep creating!

~ Jaimee Canty



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