Introducing Fluffy Friendables

Welcome to Greeting Card Joy, an online store selling handmade greeting cards and centerpieces!

Featured above is a new line I just created called “Fluffy Friendables,” which are little handmade soft, flurry friends to sit on your desk, nightstand, or on any flat surface. They are perfect as a unique gift for any occasion or just to enjoy for yourself as a plushie friend to look at and enjoy.

Fluffy friendables are the evolution and mixture of my love for designing, sewing, painting, and creating unique artwork. It’s an adventure to make something new every day, and it’s my policy to never create the same thing twice. I actually don’t even know what I’m going to make, but I do know when I’m finished making it. It’s like I have something to say visually, and I innately know when I’ve said it.

Join me in congratulating and welcoming these new little softie creatures to the world!

Greeting Card Joy is the brainchild of Jaimee Z. Canty. Visit online at http://www.greetingcardjoycom!

This Fluffy Friendable is for sale on Etsy, Click Here:

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